Corvette Forum Member Spots a ‘Little Old Lady’ Driving a Z06

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Z06 old lady

I certainly can appreciate the broad fan base for the new Corvette, but these images captured by Corvette Forum member 99 torch red vette have me thinking that perhaps everyone is meant to own a new Z06.

The photos, posted in this thread, show a lady driving a hot new Torch Red model in Austin, TX doing what the forum member says was about 45 mph in a 65-mph zone.


I’m sure her Chevy dealer appreciates the sale, but the photos sure have sparked some funny comments here on the forum.

nfran – She was probably “baiting’ ya” just waiting for the chance to stomp on it. LOL

SpryGeezer – NASCAR styling & profiling on her way to HAN installation.

phantasms – A Z07 package too!

3 Z06ZR1 – She only has 200 miles so she can’t play YET!

DanTheFireman – HEY!! You may consider her to be a “little old lady” but to a large percentage of the members of this forum she’s a hottie. As I get older, last years’ 9 is this years’ 10.

beden1 – I wonder if she is going through a midlife crisis or trying to compensate for the lack of something?

TLS_Addict – Midlife? That means she could live to be 187 years old. Lol

I must note that while this “little old lady” might not be the ideal spokesperson for the Z06, the 81-year-old in the video below doing 166 mph in a C5 (covered here) would probably give most a run for their money in the new ‘Vette.

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