Is there a Proper Hood-closing Procedure for Corvettes?

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C7 Corvette

Just when you think that Corvette owners can’t get any more obsessive about their cars, this ‘hot topic’ pops up in our forums.

Corvette Forum is chock-full of all kinds of useful information. That includes, of course, a how-to guide or detailed instructions on virtually anything you’d ever want to do to a Corvette. If you ever doubt that comprehensiveness, we’ve got a great example of the depths our forum members will go to ensure every job is a job well done. Here you’ll find an expansive, highly-detailed thread on proper hood-closing procedures. No, we’re not kidding.

“Is there a recommended or proper hood closing procedure?” asks gmarcucio“When closing the hood, should the hood be held a certain height and then dropped to close it? Or should it be gently rested on its latches and then pressed on one side at a time to close it? Looking in the owners manual, it says ‘pull the hood down and close it firmly.'”

C7 Corvette

Despite the fact that this query presents a perfect opportunity for some good-natured razzing, few people take the bait. In fact, most chime in just to say that they let the hood drop from the top and call it a day. Others seem to take this hood closing thing way too seriously. Heck, some people even avoid touching the car at all, using microfiber towels to gently close it. Apparently some forum experts have their own theories as to the proper hood closing procedure on a Corvette.

“I was once at a C4 clinic at the NCM conducted by Gordon Kilbrew,” said FireRoc. “During the clinic, when I was closing the hood, Gordon saw me and came over and watched me close it. I dropped it from about 18 inches. He looked at me and nodded his approval. He told me that if I was going to lower it onto the latches and then gently push it shut on each side he was going to school me. In other words, I closed it properly. He told me that by pushing on the latch area it can crack the fiberglass due to the concentrated force.”

Clearly, this isn’t just a Corvette Forum thing, either. Heck, geewez even found a video on YouTube demonstrating the proper way to close a Corvette hood.

But then, thankfully, this thread evolves into something much more entertaining.

“I have a virgin drop the hood from exactly 18 inches,” said juanvaldez.

And apparently we aren’t the only ones who think this topic is a little overboard.

“The OCD level of many Corvette owners never ceases to amaze me,” notes Steve_R.

But gbranham sums up this entire thing perfectly, we think.

“Only on a Corvette forum would this question be asked and answered with any seriousness.”

One thing’s for sure, you can never accuse the average Corvette enthusiast of neglecting their car! Be sure and head over here to check out all the serious (and hilarious) responses to this hot topic!

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