Corvette Forum Members Have the Best First Cars Ever

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I wish I could personally shake each and every one of your hands, because I am truly impressed with y’all. The other day,¬†Corvette Forum¬†member Always Red Dave had the brilliant idea of starting a thread asking members to post pics of their first cars along side their current ‘Vettes. Considering a large majority of members here have been on the car scene for a while, it’s an incredible time capsule into the fantastic cars of the past few decades… a then and now, before and after, of sorts.

Allow me to transition into some of the details by saying that my first car was a $3,000 metallic brown 1996 Saturn SC2 Coupe. Yes, flip headlights! It’s certainly not as cool as some of the cars here, but I loved that thing. Now that you know me, let’s get to know you guys. Always Red Dave started the thread with a 1972 Ford Gran Torino SS with a 351 V8 Cleveland. Now that’s how you kick off a thread!

Below are 25 photos of some of the other great cars you guys listed. With the thread already at six pages, we couldn’t feature them all, but this is a pretty solid representation. There are Camaros, Bel Airs, Karmann Ghias, Opel GTs, Firebirds, 240Zs, GTOs, MR2s, and a Fiat Multipla! Even the Gremlin is in a gorgeous color. Well done, ladies and gentlemen. Well done.

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