Corvette Forum Members’ High-Class High School Rides

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Have you always been a car guy (or gal)?  Was it bred into you like height (or lack thereof)? Or was it something that hit you later in life, perhaps when you were just minding your own business, driving down the road one day when a flash of red Corvette swiftly passed you by, changing you forever?

Either way, welcome to the club. But if you’ve always been a car guy, then you’re far more likely to have driven something you can be proud of, right from the get go. Especially back in high school, when your rep could easily be based on what you drove. (Okay, if you drive a ‘Vette, you can still get by basing your rep on that.)

Judging from the hot rides in this thread, where we asked you about the cars you drove in high school, most of you appear to be in the always-a-car-guy camp. So thanks for posting. But we’d also like to give a special shout-out to those of you who weren’t always so motor skilled, cause your posts were every bit as entertaining.


Like his big pimpin’ ’70 Chevelle and carrot top fro, Brack c remains classic as ever.


Either Senior Member briankeery was late to the whole car guy thing, or he was just always way into yellow-ish hatchbacks.


Douglas Mariani had a better high school experience than you.


C5VetteDen‘s been making tracks in Chevy style since his ’69 Nova high school days, much to his neighbor’s chagrin.


Of course, some Chevy style is ever more stylish, and avalonjohn was lucky enough to learn that lesson from the get-go.


Not sure about you, but we’d sure like to see a drag race between Iceaxe‘s first used car, the ’74 Camaro, and Iceaxe’s first new car, the ’80 Z-28. But would either stand a chance against the ’70 Stingray in the garage now?


Donbayers‘s first car had a better paintjob than yours. Unless you’re Burt Reynolds.


Or you’re rcread.


MidShark was thinking ahead. The Senior Member bought a ’57 Vette that had 13 years on it, 14 by the time she was roadworthy, but damn if it ain’t something to call that your first ride. Where do you even go from there?


We’re guessing Brandons72vette got a lot of attention from the ladies back in high school.

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Since y’all drove so many hot cars back in high school, and since high school wasn’t always such a hotbed of good decision-making, we are kind of surprised more of your high-school rides didn’t end up looking like jr73‘s.

Some hot high school rides, right? Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

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