Corvette Forum Member’s Photo Captures True Love

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Corvette Forum Member

This is one photo that certainly is well deserving of a front page post here at Corvette Forum, and a few other sites too, if I had my say. Not only is it a great looking photo, but at a time where we’ve become accustomed to seeing those “I’m in love” Facebook posts change like the weather, this one provides us with a much better perspective on the true meaning of love.

The photo was shared by Corvette Forum member Outlawkinser in a thread titled, “50 Years of Marriage and 38 Years With The Same Corvette.” It was taken at a party with friends celebrating a long and happy relationship with his wife and his Stingray.

“On May 22, 2015, my wife and I celebrated 50 years of marriage,” wrote Outlawkinser. “The ‘Vette has been a part of that marriage for 38 years.”

Now, friends, that’s the kind of love that truly deserves a lot of likes and shares on Facebook. And I’m sure I join most here at Corvette Forum in wishing Outlawkinser, his wife and his Corvette many more happy years together down the road.

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