Corvette Forum Members Embark on Route 66 Road Trip

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route 66

Few things in life are more rewarding than exploring the heart of America, especially behind the wheel of the best damn American sports car.

If that sounds like a lot of ‘Murica, that’s because it is. Regardless of what color, religion, political party, or tax bracket you belong to, there’s one thing that unites all Corvette Forum members — our love for the great American ‘Vette.

route 66

As such, the great American car deserves an equally patriotic road. Route 66 was once the great American highway, the one and only way to traverse the great American West, and also the most scenic. Beautiful landscapes and picturesque backdrops adorn Route 66, making it one of the most iconic road trips in the world. Several Corvette Forum members recently embarked on a Route 66 road trip of their own, and they’ve been putting up photos for everyone to enjoy.

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Big thanks deservedly go out to members ea327dachtlermountainearsjuanvaldez, and others (sorry if we missed you). They have graciously provided us with incredible imagery from their many stops along Route 66. We’ve compiled some of the best shots into the gallery below, but make sure you stop by the thread to check them all out, as well as detailed posts about their journey. And be sure to wish them luck along their merry ‘Murican way, too.


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