Corvette Forum Reacts to Museum Sinkhole Disaster

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National Corvette Museum Sinkhole

February 12th, 2014: a day that will live in infamy for Corvette enthusiasts – a day the Earth’s crust decided to act the fool and swallow eight precious Corvettes. Major party foul, Planet Earth … you should know fiberglass is not part of a well-balanced diet.

This major Corvette disaster has stirred the emotions of Corvette Forum users. Not long after the bottom dropped out of the NCM rotunda, our forum began buzzing with discussion and valuable information.

21AGAN: “257 sinkholes have been reported within one mile of the museum.

Sinkholes in Bowling Green, Kentucky


Some users couldn’t believe the news.

123Gone “ I thought the thread was going to be a joke.”

Others were quite upset by the disaster.

pickleseimer: “A tragedy, but thank the Lord no one was hurt.

K9Leader: “I . . . I . . . just went out to the garage and hugged my Corvette. Oh, the humanity!”

Vette Nut: “Sad day, indeed. I’ve been there many times since 1995. Thank God it was closed at the time. I have been there for events when there could have been easily 100 people in that area. Hopefully the building, the dome, and the cars can be saved.”

Some felt the forum was a bit over-reactive:

JR-01: “You guys act like they’re your cars. **** happens. Thank God it wasn’t open. The One millionth Corvette is no different than the one millionth and one Corvette. Keep it in perspective. The biggest issue is having to move the Museum. The sadder you are doesn’t make you a bigger Corvette enthusiast.”

Of course, there were plenty of folks who preferred to make light of the situation.

Sam Handwich: “So will the “barn find” nomenclature be replaced to some degree by “sinkhole find”. Actually, the reason I bought a ‘Vette (vs. a BMW, Porsche, etc.) is that I didn’t think the repair and maintenance costs would be a dark hole. Who knew?”

vetfeva2: Am I the only one or did anybody else feel a disturbance in the Force when it happened?

chevnut55: “I think Satan wanted the Blue Devil and was trying to claim some of his cars back.”

Navybluevette: “Did they build that place on a landfill?”

bob22z06: “Next time I go [to the museum] I’ll watch my step.”

c5coast: “The track is being built across the highway. I noticed there are quite a few sinkholes designated there as well … sinkhole insurance for hot laps?”

Consequently, some people were disgusted by the levity.

LO PHAT: “I can’t believe the stupid attempts at humor being made in this thread.

Thankfully no people were hurt. As for the cars … well, a “repaired/salvage” one-millionth Corvette, for example, is never going to be the same as an all-original, perfectly preserved one-millionth Corvette. Some of those cars were basically priceless for what they were. This is a very sad day for any real Corvette enthusiast.”

RC000E: “I agree. The corvette community is damn lucky to have such a beautiful facility to gather. On top of the fact, that it’s growing more and more all the time. To see such a thing happen is a tragedy, and should sadden anyone who calls themselves a Corvette enthusiast.

I’m not saying we should mourn here, but shedding light on something that could be even more of a tragedy if the ground is unsafe … it’s no laughing matter. This is serious [….]
The money of Corvette enthusiasts built that room. Any one of us who has been there contributed to that building’s existence because that’s what your dollars do. I’ve spent thousands on raffles, at the bash auctions, visited too many times to count. I give generously to see this place survive, and it’s in a temporary state of jeopardy.”

No matter your stance on the disaster, the following quote forms a secure foundation for the good thoughts we should be holding for the National Corvette Museum during this time of Corvette rescue.

“Corvette Museum […] has overcome adversity before, and we’ll overcome it again, and we’ll have something spectacular to show you back there in short order.”
– Wendell Strode, National Corvette Museum Executive Director

Check out this video of Strode talking to Erin Burnett on CNN.

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