Corvette Forum Thread Reveals C7 Is Definitely a Keeper

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Sounds like most of you who own a C7 Corvette plan on keeping the car long-term, or at least that’s what a recent Corvette Forum thread tells us.

The thread, started here by forum member, TheGame, poses the question, “How many C7 owners plan to actually KEEP their cars??”

While this is by no means an official tally, the general consensus is clear — most folks aren’t parting with their new Corvette C7 any time soon. But don’t take my word for it…

SharkGrayStingray “Long term for me. Im lucky the Mrs said i could get the ’15 and sell the ’07…”

RealPilot “We keep our cars forever.. C5 for 13 years, C3 for 14 years.. C7 will be until no longer driving,, then to the children or grandchildren…”

Mike02Z “Yes, my C7 is a long term car for me. I owned my C6 longer than any other car at 80 months. I expect to keep my C7 at least that long, if not longer.”

LDYSTIG “I fully plan on keeping my C7 for a very long time. Life is good at throwing us curveballs sometimes, however, even with a strong 5 and 10 year plan, so I am enjoying the hell out of my car everyday”

DocGuy “I will keep it until my son drives it to my funeral. This is a life long dream that I will treat as such. My Brother and Son will help me pick it up from the NCM and my wife will enjoy the buyers tour with me… This is not about a give car, it is about family and making dreams come true. I may get this C7 a big brother (Z) someday, but “Die Rote Spielzug” (the red toy) will stay in the garage forever..

Happy Waving…”

Happy waving, indeed. And may you all enjoy your dream car for a long time to come.

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