Corvette Z51 Future to Be Revealed at National Corvette Museum Bash

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With the announcement of the return of the new Grand Sport Corvette, one question has been popping up about the new C7 lineup: is the Z51 package sticking around?

As of now, there are four options for the Corvette, performance-wise: the stock Stingray, the Z51, the GS, and the Z06. At $60,400 MSRP, the Z51 trim is $5,000 more than the base. That gives you bigger brakes with slotted rotors, a performance exhaust, a dry sump oil system, optional performance track management, an electronic limited slip differential, a differential cooling system, a specially tuned suspension, and bigger wheels with better tires.

Corvette Forum member mpuzach didn’t feel like waiting to find out, so he took matters into his own hands and went directly to the source:

“With all of the speculation about whether or not Z51 will be offered in 2017, I decided to go straight to the source. I emailed Harlan Charles and asked him. He promptly replied:

We will get into all the details for 2017 at the museum bash – are you going?

Harlan Charles
Chevrolet Corvette Product Manager

It looks like we’ll need to wait another 51 days for the answer. Kudos to Harlan for his quick response, though.”

The museum bash Charles is referring to is the Michelin National Corvette Museum Bash in Bowling Green, Kentucky, starting on April 28. So there you have an update: you’ll have to wait. At least you know exactly how long now.

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