Corvette Go-Kart Ready for Moab with New Roll Cage

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YouTubers demonstrate how easy it is to install a custom roll cage in a single day on their stripped Corvette.

You’ve found your latest project Corvette in a wrecking yard. The body’s a mess, but the frame’s in decent shape, and it runs well, too. Thus, you’ve decided to turn your wrecked ‘Vette into a ‘Vette that wrecks rocks. But before your project is “Trail-Rated,” it’s going to need some structure to keep your head from going squish on the trail. That’s right: you’re going to need a roll cage.

Though you could have a pro install a cage on your project, YouTube channel B is for Build shows how you and a few buddies can, with some tools and lots of tubing, assemble and weld in a roll cage in a day.

Corvette Roll Cage

With the main roll hoop already installed, the crew goes to work attaching the halo to the hoop. The end result has a good gap above the windshield, while the clean cuts to the attachment points made for easy welding.


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After moving the Corvette into the shade to get out of the hot summer sun, the A-pillar bars are cut, bent, and welded close to the windshield frame onto the halo and new mounts welded onto the car’s frame. At the same time, a pair of rear bars are made and attached to the main hoop and rear section of the frame rail. The A-pillar bars are then gusseted onto the body for extra strength while a back support bar gives “triangulation” to the structural game.



Finally, the crew installs a pair of tractor flaps on top of the exhaust stacks for that “sexy tractor” vibe, then moves the car back into its original spot to install door and front hoops to complete the build for the day. The “exocage” now ready to protect its occupants, the crew rests up before completing their build on their wild ‘Vette off-road go-kart.

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