The All-New Corvette Grand Sport: Is It Better Than the Z06?

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My word, it is pretty. Now that the news has broke of the Grand Sport’s triumphant debut, one has to wonder if it makes a more compelling argument to purchase this beauty, rather than the full bore madness we know as the Z06. Now, I recently discussed the reasons why you’d want a Z06 more than a Z51, but the new Grand Sport offers a perfect blend of the Z06’s go-fast (and look-good) bits, while letting the power go to the rear wheels without any forced assistance.

It doesn’t completely replace the Z51. That’s still an option package on the Stingray, whereas the Grand Sport is more akin to a step between the Z51 and the Z06. There’s no doubt a performance gap existed there, and this slots in nicely. At the Geneva Motor Show, Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter said the Z07 aero and brakes will be optional, and the Grand Sport will be standard with wider tires than the Stingray. Cooling has also been revised, not just from Z51 standards, but improved above the Z06’s capabilities, as well.

Could this be the prefect fit, all while representing the classic “Grand Sport” badge as proudly as previous examples?

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