Remember that Corvette Totalled Because of a Crack? It’s For Sale

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Cracked Corvette for Sale

Would you buy this salvage-title 2017 Corvette Grand Sport to fix up, or sell for parts?

A few weeks ago, we brought you the tale of “Cdm85-251’s” Corvette Grand Sport striking some road debris and cracking the rear transmission tunnel. Then, as now, GM determined the part was not repairable, and was not available to purchase separately. Because of that, the insurance company, State Farm, decided to total the car outright.

We’ve seen the post garner a lot of attention on our site, and the story has been retold all over the internet since then. There are a few good things to transpire since then, and we figured it was worthy of a follow-up. First, cdm85-251 has a new Corvette again (more about that in a minute). Second, the ‘Crack-vette’ is soon coming up for auction on

For those who have said that the cracked subframe car would be an easy fix, and that the owner should buy it back from the insurance company to have the repair done on the cheap, here is your chance to put up or shut up. To their credit, cdm85-251 has mentioned a few concerns, including that GM might not warranty the car if the repairs were committed, and that their insurance company may not agree to a full-coverage policy any longer.


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No mention was made of exactly how much the “buy-back” would cost, but we would guess that the insurance company will try to get at least $30,000 out of the sale. If you’re okay with a potentially uninsurable car in need of potentially sketchy repairs, go ahead and buy this Corvette. If for no other reason, this could be an excellent starting point for a track car, as a roll cage would certainly help stiffen up the cracked area.

Yesterday cdm85-251 posted a photograph of their brand new 2018 Corvette Grand Sport. Their local dealership was able to find them a car with the same exact specification with the same chrome wheels, the same 2LT package, and the same Long Beach Red Metallic with no stripe. It’s a dead ringer for the car that was prematurely taken from them, and we wholeheartedly approve. We love it when a success story comes to light.

Bradley Brownell is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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