Corvette History Through Ads: There is no Substitute

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by Rick Tavel
Special to Corvette Forum

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I am sure that you, as a car enthusiast, are aware of the advertising theme Porsche has used for over two decades. And even if you’re not a Porschephile you may remember the scene in the movie Risky Business where Joel (Tom Cruise), driving his father’s Porsche 928, outruns Guido the Cadillac-driving pimp on the streets of Chicago. After Joel gives Guido the slip he conceals the car on a dark street, leans back triumphantly and utters those words which the German car builder adopted over two decades ago, “Porsche, there is no substitute.”

19-1974 Porsche No Sub Ad.jpg

And I use the term “adopted” quite liberally because Porsche didn’t just adopt it, they actually kidnapped it from archives of

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