Corvette History Through Ads: Women’s Lib and an Error

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by Rick Tavel 

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In this week’s look into vintage Corvette advertising we’re going to make a slight detour and do something a little different. Here is a Corvette ad that was run in 1966 to market the car to women and recognize their growing independence. And even though the ad refers to the attractive female in the ad as a ?wife? and the Corvette as her husband’s, America was on the cusp of a growing women’s movement, often referred to initially as the Women’s Liberation Movement. Officially known as Second Wave Feminism, the movement focused on the important issues of equality in the job market, targeting pay and equal gender opportunity. It also addressed issues of balancing a career and family as well as the more liberating lifestyle resulting from the birth control pill. No longer could auto manufacturers ignore the important voice of women, especially in light of the rapidly growing number of professional women who were in important, high paying jobs. Women’s voices were being heard in every area, especially in making important buying decisions. Obviously in this case, the free-spirited, independent female needed no help from her husband learning to drive this four speed, 425 HP Corvette as proficiently as her husband.  
But something is not right in this ad. Campbell-Ewald and Chevrolet’s marketing department always closely inspected the ads for accuracy. Even so, once in a while mistakes did occur as was the case with this ad. Can you tell us what is incorrect in this ad? It has nothing to do with the woman and everything to do with the Vette. If so email your answer to [email protected] along with your name and email address. The first five correct responses will receive a CorvetteForum? sticker and we will publish a list of the five winners in next week’s article. And if you like this contest let us know and we’ll publish more in the future.

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