Watch as Hurricane Matthew Claims This Poor C5 Corvette!

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Chevy Corvettes are indeed very fast and powerful cars, but none of them, or even 1,000 of them, would be capable enough to stand up to mother nature, as she truly always wins.

That’s the unfortunate case of this silver C5 Corvette, which by the look of its license plate is from North Carolina. Regardless of where it’s actually from, this poor ‘Vette and its owner became victims of Hurricane Matthew, which was one of the strongest and most devastating hurricanes the East Coast has had to face in decades.

While there’s not a whole lot of information on how this Corvette got into this unfortunate predicament, Corvette Blogger does comment that this owner most likely had plenty of warnings to get himself and his vehicle to a safe zone. Needless to say, that didn’t happen, and the driver attempted to drive through truly un-drivable roads. The result is… well, you can see it.

This short video from, Andy Fox, shows us how dire the situation really was.

So sorry to see you go, little ‘Vette!

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Via [Corvette Blogger]

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