Corvette Lands On Consumer Reports’ Least Reliable List

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Every so often you see one of those Consumer Reports articles saying if a car is good or bad, this or that. Well, in Consumer Reports’ latest list of most unreliable cars, the C7 Corvette has apparently landed in fifth.

Taking in information from owners of cars that have been on the road for at least one year, reports from C7 owners included things like a GPS that wouldn’t quite act right, info screens that would suddenly not work, squeaks from the convertible, and brakes that wore a bit too quickly (it’s okay, we wont tell anyone you went to a track day).

With GM’s shift of focus to making sure quality goes up, it’s still surprising to see issues like this fall through the cracks, but that’s almost expected with the first year run of a fully new model. Not surprising, on the list are some of the competitors. Ford’s issues run pretty deeply, with two models having gear box issues, and humorously, the top spot overall is filled by an Italian — the Fiat 500L. Keeping to tradition, perhaps?

To our C7 owners out there, have you experienced any reliability issues?

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