Corvette Lovers Rally to Support Victim of Vandalized Car

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If there’s one thing that’ll unite Corvette enthusiasts regardless of whether they own a classic model or a C7, it’s taking aim at anyone who’d have the audacity to disrespect the nameplate.

Let that be a warning to any fool who would consider doing anything to a ‘Vette like the perpetrator of the paint stripping incident that caused $30,000 worth of damage to a 2014 Stingray we covered here a few days ago.

The incident, which happened to an Alabama woman by the name of Renee Hughes, not only prompted local members of a Corvette club to show up at her apartment complex, but it also sparked fellow Corvette lovers to raise a reward offer of $3,000 to catch the vandal, according to an report.

To top it off, the Chevy dealership that is fixing Hughes’ car even gave her a rental free of charge until her Corvette is fixed.

Hughes, who saved up to buy the 2014 Corvette, has been overwhelmed by the support. “It just blew my mind,” she said. “I can’t believe it.”

Honestly, I’m not that surprised by it all considering the comradery in the Corvette community among those who share a deep passion for the car.

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