Corvette Museum Now says it Won’t Preserve Part of Sinkhole

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So, maybe we jumped the gun a bit when reporting that the National Corvette Museum had figured out what the plans were for the sinkhole because now, like a one-to-four skip-shift, they’re switching gears.

After reporting here fewer than two weeks ago that they would be partially filling the sinkhole, officials are now saying they will fill the entire thing.

Apparently, one of the biggest deterrents for preserving part of the hole was the estimated $1 million it would cost to keep part of it intact and safe for visitors.

“We really wanted to preserve a portion of the hole so that guests for years to come could see a little bit of what it was like, but after receiving more detailed pricing, the cost outweighs the benefit,” museum Executive Director Wendell Strode told CNN.

Museum officials also said that only three of the eight Corvettes will be restored with the remaining five wrecked cars being left as part of a permanent display.

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