Corvette Museum Sinkhole Starts the Filling Process

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I’m starting to think that we might really be on our way to putting that dreadful sinkhole disaster at the National Corvette Museum behind us. And folks, I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve made no bones here about my feelings on the idea of us reveling over the remnants of mangled Corvettes, regardless of the circumstances.


Personally, I just find the idea of celebrating well-maintained and preserved ‘Vettes much more appealing, but as the saying goes, to each his own. The thought of watching that video capturing the catastrophe was tough for me to swallow, so the idea that officials are finally loading gravel into the sinkhole is a longtime coming.

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Museum executive director, Wendell Strode, officially got the filling-in process underway by throwing the first rock into the hole on Monday. He also inscribed “Awesome God, Everyone Safe” onto the rock, reminding us that all that the disaster could have been far worse, had there been people in the museum.

Unfortunately, it looks like we still won’t be able to completely wipe out the memory of the catastrophe, even once the repair process is completed. In addition to having a few of the damaged Corvettes on display, museum officials are currently exploring ideas for an exhibit where visitors will be able to see into the cave using a maneuverable camera.

I guess there’s just no way to get around it. We’re going to be stuck with some reminder of that incident from here on out.

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