Corvette Breaks Commandments, Narrowly Escapes Car Wash

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C6 Corvette at Car Wash

Soapy Corvette (That Wasn’t Involved in This Crash)

There are punishments for breaking the Corvette Owners’ 10 Commandments.

One of the challenges that comes with owning a sports car is keeping it clean. Another is that cars like Corvettes tend to be low-slung, and don’t offer visibility or clearance over other vehicles.

For Corvette Forum member C5 Newb, these two inconvenient realities collided — literally with his front end — while he was simply running his fifth-generation ‘Vette through the car wash.

Corvette 10 Commandments

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While some would hold that C5 Newb had already committed a sin by taking the car to an automated wash, that certainly doesn’t deem it all right for someone to back into him. But that’s exactly what happened. An elderly woman in a Ford Escape promptly reversed the SUV far enough onto the hood of C5 Newb’s car that it left three scars in the finish.

The wash operators claimed the damage was minor enough to buff out, but you can’t blame C5 Newb for being angry. What’s more, the Ford’s owner claimed there was a feature built into the Escape that sensed when something was in front of the car, which automatically put it in reverse.

No one likes laying the blame on an elderly person, but, let’s be honest here, folks, there’s never been —and never should be — a feature that autonomously pulls a car into reverse and then drives at your Corvette. That’s called a self-driving car, and they’re still a few years away for good reason, like working on the part about not driving into other cars!

Scott Huntington is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and JK Forum, among other auto sites.

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