Corvette of the Week: 1963 Convertible Survivor

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1963 Convertible Corvette

This 1963 Convertible would make Gloria Gaynor proud. This beauty didn’t just survive, she did so with style. Style enough to be our Corvette of the Week!

We discovered this white and red wonder lounging around in a thread started by MOXIE62 titled, “I could never be satidfied with a survivor car.” [sic] There’s plenty of interesting stuff going on there, but the second we saw Senior Member Rich Yanulis’s C3 ‘Vert, we got sidetracked.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, a survivor car is basically a well-kept classic that hasn’t had any outside interference. It’s a classic’s classic. Original paint. Original finish. Original interior. Factory power-train, all the way up its gorgeous guts. (Some say original tires are part of a survivor car, but let’s be realistic, folks, rubber degenerates over time.)

But Rich’s ride isn’t just your average survivor (though in my opinion, all survivors are beautiful in their own unique way), this honey has attained the National Corvette Restorer’s Society’s Top Flight Award, which according to the NCRS is “presented only for cars that have been meticulously preserved or painstakingly and accurately restored to original standards.”

Yanulis’ Corvette Forum profile, tells us this 1963 4-speed, 4.11 posi Convertible puts out 340 horsepower and she’s got her original paint, original interior, and original drivetrain. Oh, and now she’s got a Corvette of the Week award.

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