Corvette of the Week: ’63 Split-Window Bunkmate

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1965 1963 Corvette

Corvette Forum Member Brings Home ’63 Split-Window Corvette to Keep His ’65 Company

There aren’t many things in this world finer than a well-kept C2 Corvette. But you know what’s even better? Two of them!

Congratulations are in order for long-time Corvette Forum member Army Vette. That’s because he just accomplished some serious Corvette dream fulfillment. He landed a 1963 split-window Corvette!

While that would normally be plenty of reason to dole out our Corvette of the Week honor, Army Vette gave us not one reason to celebrate him, but two. That’s because he already had a 1965 Corvette in the garage.

As you can see in the photo above, now Army Vette’s younger “sibling” has some very good company.

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63 split window corvette

Army Vette just posted about his new purchase yesterday, and already the positive responses are rolling in from the community. Here’s a few of our favorites:

I just looked, and there’s no ’63 Split in MY garage…..darn. The ’61 is all alone and depressed.GTOguy

Looks yummy. Now forget 80% of what you THINK you know about midyears based on your ’65.
’63s are one whole different ballgame!Frankie the Fink

Always nice to have a coupe and a convertible to pick from to go on a driveNowhere Man

63 Coupe AND a Midyear convertible. You sir, are living the dream – congrats!USMC 0802

And they have bunk beds! SI67

If you haven’t done so yet, jump onto the forum and give Army Vette a hearty congrats. Not just for his beautiful new split-window, but also for his two Corvettes of the Week.

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