Corvette of the Week: A Corvette Dream Come True

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cotw grand sport c6

When Corvette Forum member dmk0210 was just a six-year-old kid, a family friend gave him a ride in a C3 Corvette. And ever since, he’s been dreaming of owning his own some day. Well, that day has come.

Take a look at dmk0210’s very own Blade Silver Metallic 2010 Grand Sport Convertible. Ain’t she a beauty? Darn right she is, beautiful enough to be our Corvette of the Week!

She’s particularly gorgeous, no doubt, but if you even thought for a second that this baby’s going to get the Garage Queen treatment, think again. “I’m actually considering putting Stabil in the gas tank of my WRX over the summer since it will be sitting in the garage while I’ll be driving the Corvette so much,” said dmk0210 in his recent thread titled, “Finally got my Corvette!

And don’t worry, the Forum faithful have already instructed dmk0210 to wave at passing Corvettes. Which he’s happily planning upon, even though there aren’t a lot of ‘Vettes on the mountain roads around him. Which seems like quite the missed opportunity, judging from the beautiful setting in dmk0210’s beautiful pics.

Plenty of folks have already congratulated dmk0210 on the new ride. So head onto the forum and welcome him to the club. And while you’re at it, congratulate him on his Corvette of the Week too.

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