Corvette of the Week: A Very Special 50th Anniversary Editon

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50th anniversary edition corvette

Back in the day, Car and Driver came up with a dynamite sub-title for their profile about the 2003 Chevrolet Corvette 50th-Anniversary Special Edition: “The most magnetic Corvette ever.”

Well, that description doesn’t fade with age, does it? Certainly not for this week’s Corvette of the Week winner, this breathtaking AE that now belongs to newish member bluemike28. Thankfully, for the good of all lovers of beauty and excellence, Mike posted these pics in a thread earlier this week, titled “New to me 2003 Anniversary Edition.”

Here’s what he had to say about this rockstar of a car:

I am a first time Vette owner and was lucky enough to pick up my C5 off a family member who was the original owner. This car is a win on so many levels:
1) Finally living my boyhood dream of owning a Vette
2) Keeping a great car in the family – She only has 6K miles on the odometer! All original down to the tires.

Of course, everyone is congratulating Mike and welcoming him to the “asylum,” to quote member 4XLR8N. And we do to. Welcome! And congratulations! May you enjoy your reign as the Corvette Forum COTW long past the expiration date on the title. After all, it’s meant to be the award that keeps on giving, much like the Corvette itself.

Mike may just be a noobie, but he’s already seasoned enough to ask for advice from you savvy Corvette vets out there. So chime in, congratulate our COTW winner, and give him a good rec for some new rubber.

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