Corvette of the Week: DogTag’s C7.R Z06, aka ‘Dark Knight’

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corvette c7 z06 c7.r

Looks like Christmas came early for Corvette Forum member DogTag-C7R. And as you can see from the recent thread he started, “Picked up my ‘Dark Knight’ C7.R Saturday,” Santa nailed it.

Well here’s another present for you DogTag, the Christmas Week Edition of the Corvette of the Week!

As you’ll recall, the C7.R Edition is the even badder Z06 race-ready rocket with a limited run of 500 cars. But even though everyone of those 500 is a showstopper in its own right, DogTag’s C7R could be the hottest one we’ve seen yet.

What really sets this C7.R apart is the bird’s eye view, right? According to jaden61, as confirmed by DogTag, that “is a exposed carbon fiber hood and roof with a decal placed on both the hood and again roof.”

And it looks as menacing as anything the Dark Knight himself ever drove. Well, maybe not as menacing as that Corvette-powered Tumbler. But still, plenty menacing enough for Corvette of the Week honors.

So congrats, DogTag-C7R, Merry Christmas, and thank you very much for your service.

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