Corvette of the Week: “Holy Grail” 1967 L71

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1967 L71 Corvette

You can always make something better, so it’s hard to believe in the concept of perfection. But our Corvette of the Week may just make you a believer.

This week’s COTW comes to us via Corvette Forum member midyr in a thread titled “Holy Grail of 1967 L71s.” As you can see from the photos, she’s just about as perfectly preserved as a ’67 C2 gets.

In the thread, midyr says that this beauty is “thought by NCRS to be 1 of only 3 black/red 435 coupes ever built, only one known to be real and documented.” And while some disputes have been raised as to the veracity of that claim, it doesn’t change the fact that this car is plenty rare, and just gorgeous in every possible way.

Sorry folks, this baby’s not for sale, as midyr was simply posting pics — from the day she was new to today — because he thought they “might be of mild interest to some of you purists.” Interest? Oh yeah. Mild, not in the least. In fact, we’re so darn interested, we had to make midyr’s 1967 435 coupe our Corvette of the Week. And there is no dispute about that.

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