Corvette of the Week: Longest Continuously Owned Classics

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1959 Corvette

Judging by Our Latest Corvettes of the Week, the Longer You Own a Corvette, the More You Love It.

Still in the running for Best Corvette Forum User Name, senior member Easy Rhino kicked off a fantastic thread yesterday, which has merited us no less than five Corvettes of the Week this time around.

While some may say that multiple winners in any given week diminish the coveted COTW honor, we think this group of Corvette vets gains strength in numbers. Particularly in number of years.

Inspired by another thread about a 1954 Corvette owner being the longest known continuous owner, Easy Rhino wanted to know which of his fellow C1 and C2 owners have had theirs cars the longest. Though the thread only began yesterday morning, it’s already got three pages worth of amazing ownership stories, filled with beloved cars providing years of smiles. Some have even been handed down and kept in the family, cementing a connection that goes well beyond gasoline and fiberglass.

Here’s five of our favorite examples of Corvette longevity, including the example above — tommyn‘s 1960 stunner that his dad bought new in November, 1959, which has been his since 1986.

1966 Corvette

Then there’s 66Jack, who bought this beauty back when he was a young, 19-year-old buck and had to borrow $600 from his folks to seal the deal. That was 42 years ago!

1963 Corvette

Or how about GUSTO14, who after 47 years of ownership, is finally in the “final stages” of restoration on this 1963 in tuxedo black with a red interior.

1954 Corvette

Then there’s jim lockwood, whose ’54 and ’63 have been in the family for 46 years. And his son “insists that his son will drive the ’54 when it is 100 years old.”

1967 C2 Corvette

And finally, oldpainter has had this gorgeous ’67 since June of 1974, which means he’s owned her for a month longer than I’ve been alive. And he still loves driving her, as she “doesn’t set idle for too long.” (Which is more than I can say about me.)

Honestly, we could pick each and every car in the thread as our Corvette of the Week. So head on over and congratulate each and every one of these deserving owners.

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