Corvette of the Week: Low Rider Love

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We are going back in time with CF user Low Rider for Corvette of the Week and with good reason.  Not only is this beauty just as gorgeous on the inside as it is on the outside, but it packs a serious kick under the hood.  Don’t let those classic good looks fool you, this 1957 ‘vette rod has been dynoed at 448.

Low Rider is certainly one for living up to his chosen moniker.  The reason this sexy beast can sit so low and still be driven is:

The front end has the Shock Wave Air Ride system so it can be raised for driving…[the] only problem is that I like it on the ground and hate to have to raise it to drive it. Lowered all the way it will sit on the oil pan [and] raised all the way you can easily get a floor jack under the front end.

Low Rider is also one to enjoy the fruits of his labor.  You may actually stand a chance at seeing this C1 on the road because:

If driving my 57 Resto is gonna devalue it…you can probably buy it cheap in a few more years, but not now…[I] built the car to drive and it drives like a dream. Old cars are for enjoyment not for investment. If you are gonna worry about how much money [you’re losing] by driving it, [you’re] probably in the wrong hobby.

As a person who would love to see more of these beauties on the road, I appreciate his statement, although I can sympathize with the way a collector enjoys his/her hobby.

I wish I could take a ride in this totally drool worthy C1.  Congratulate Low Rider on his low rider and check out his other mods in full detail!

We love to see what the CorvetteForum community can accomplish so share with us!

I'd rather be driving my Tumbler.

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