Corvette of the Week: Road Tripping in a Silver C7 Convertible

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Last week’s Corvette of the Week featured a beautiful ‘Vette in beautiful places. Since that was obviously a winning combination, we figured you wouldn’t be disappointed by another road-tripping C7: Rebel Yell’s silver Stingray convertible.

Judging from his photos in yesterday’s “A Great Road Trip in the C7” thread, Rebel Yell appears to have covered a good swath of our great land, from North Carolina all the way out to New Mexico. He notes that aside from a problem with the GM bra, the ” car performed flawlessly,” and drew “a ton of attention.” Deservedly so.

Along the glorious way, Rebel Yell and his wife averaged 53 mph and 30.0 mpg. That’s impressive efficiency for any car, let alone a performance beast like the C7 Corvette. Although it’s still not quite the 32.8 mpg standard that last week’s road-tripping COTW┬áset.

Speaking of said wife, apparently she thinks Rebel Yell took more pictures of the car than he did of anything else during the trip. Of course, he doesn’t see a problem with that. And as is evidenced in the photos below, neither do we.

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