Corvette of the Week: Torch Red Z06 Gets a Second Chance

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When we first came across this 2015 Torch Red 3LZ Z06/Z07 with only 2,600 miles, we immediately knew we had a Corvette of the Week front-runner.

But still, we didn’t know if we should be giving away such a coveted award as the COTW to a car that was up for sale, even a hot C7┬álike this one posted by stinger787 earlier this week. Sure, the award would likely help garner interest in selling her (not like a car this hot needs help), but still, we thought it might be hard enough on stinger787 just having to part ways with such a beauty, without also having to know she was a Corvette of the Week winner.

Fortunately, now it looks like stinger787 will be keeping the car after all.┬áThat’s right, just today, stinger787 updated the thread to say that he may not have to sell the car to come up with the down payment for the house. So at least for now, she’s off the market.

Which means we can go ahead and freely award this baby its rightful prize! Congrats stinger787! And congrats on the new house too!

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