Corvette of the Week: “Used” Z06 With Just 165 Miles

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We’ve heard of scoring pristine, low-mileage, used Corvettes before, but this is ridiculous. Ridiculous enough to earn our Corvette of the Week honor!

Check out jaymedic44‘s new “used” 2015 Corvette Z06. He recently picked it up from a dealership in Ohio, that had advertised a number of used 2015 Z06s for sale. Since Jay was in the market for one — particularly a white one like his old 2014 Z51 — he took the hour or so drive to the dealership, with fingers crossed.

Let’s let Jay tell you what he found upon arrival:

“When I pulled in there were two white ones. The first one I walked up to looked like I sat down and ordered it, 8spd, carbon fiber roof, stage 2 skirts and spoilers, andante a few other options. It is a 3zl with an original sticker 97k. The best part was when I opened the door and looked at the odometer, only 165 miles on it. I paid 79,900.00 for it and drove it home.”

How’s that for a screaming deal? As you can imagine, the forum is being very congratulatory, not just about the car, but about his sweet garage too.

And we’re hopping on that congratulatory vibe as well, by naming Jaymedic44’s Z06 our Corvette of the Week. Congrats! And enjoy putting a whole lot more miles on that baby!

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