Corvette of the Week: Welcome to the GS Club

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2012 Corvette Grand Sport

Looks like we’ve got a new member of the GS club. And a new member of Corvette Forum too. And, to top things off, a new member of the ultra-exclusive Corvette of the Week Club!

Many congratulations go out to surfinshorte, who just picked up this 2012 3LT 6-speed manual Grand Sport. Ain’t she a beauty?

Surfinshorte recently¬†posted up some pics of his new Blade Silver/Ebony Black baby, along with a neat little story about how, after months of looking, he finally found the C6 he was looking for. Let’s just say that surfinshorte isn’t the type to just impulsively by a car, even though he’s had plenty. Having been to mechanic’s school and worked as a service adviser for the last eight years, he knows a thing or two about what to look for in a car. And he wasn’t afraid to put in the time it takes to research properly.

“I was really picky about mileage, year, options, interior and exterior color, condition and price. But I have finally Found one! The vehicle has 24k on it right now,” writes surfinshorte.

While he was doing the research, surfinshorte also discovered the previous owner on another thread in this very forum. So some of the pretty pictures below are from that thread.

Needless to say, surfinshorte is pretty darn pumped about his decision:

I’ve been driving the vette for about 2 weeks and all I can say is wow! Power is crazy unlike any vehicle I have ever owned. Stance and looks is on point. But after flooring it once I can say there is plenty of power to satisfy my urge .

Plenty of folks are already congratulating surfinshorte on the new ride, and offering some tips for all the future mods he’s got planned. So head onto the forum and welcome him in to three great clubs.

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