Corvette Death Stresses Need for Do-It-Yourself Safety Measures

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1984 Corvette Crossed Flag Logo

We regretfully report that we have lost yet another friend in the Corvette family.

But unlike some of the recent deaths tied to fatalities on the road, this one can be looked at as a warning sign that the “do-it-yourself” approach isn’t always the best route to take when your car needs work.

In this latest news, a 65-year-old man in the Detroit area was killed while trying to replace the taillights on his Corvette, according to a CBS Detroit report. The Michigan man, whose name wasn’t released, was apparently working underneath the car when the Corvette rolled back and pinned him to the ground.

Now, we know that working on your car has always been one of the joys of owning a vehicle like a Corvette. But still, this latest bit of news does raise some legitimate concerns about whether we are taking the best safety precautions while tooling on our cars.

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via [CBS Detroit] image [GM]

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