Corvette Owner Scammed in Restoration Project

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So-Called ‘Customizer’ Now Facing Jail Time After Taking $6,000 for Restoration Work

Imagine paying $6,000 to have your Corvette restored, and then the so-called customizer never finishes the job.

Now imagine that when you finally do get your ‘Vette back, it’s been totally gutted, transformed from that fully-restored classic sports car you’d envisioned into a piece of junk that you don’t even want to drive. Sounds like a nightmare, right?

C4 Restoration Scam

Well, apparently, that’s exactly what happened to Janice Hill of Huntsville, Alabama. According to the WHNT News story above, Hill took her Corvette to a new custom shop called Whiplash Kustoms, owned by Eric Lambert, who Hill knew beforehand.

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Hill said she initially gave Lambert a $1,500 deposit, with the shop owner promising to have the Corvette painted and restored within a couple of weeks. That $1,500 promise soon evolved into a $6,000 scam.

In fact, when Hill finally did get her Corvette back, Lambert had removed the handles and lights, replaced the seats, and totally demolished everything else inside the car — leaving Hill with practically nothing but a wrecked shell.

Police have since arrested Lambert, who was also wanted on two felony charges of receiving stolen property and one felony charge of receiving a stolen auto.

Not for nothing, but a shop called “Whiplash Kustoms” would have immediately raised red flags, if we were looking for a suitable shop to do some custom work.

But hey, who are we to knock someone from wanting to give an acquaintance a shot? Although, given the way this entire ordeal has played out, we imagine Hill will probably be a lot less likely to trust a casual acquaintance with something as prized as her Corvette.

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