Garage Space Transforms Into Perfect Corvette Parking

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Perhaps using inspiration from a previous post about gorgeously built Corvette garages, Corvette Forum member cowboys223 put in literally hundreds of hours for the results you see here. We all know it still takes time, unless you’re throwing everything out, then it is simply a matter of waiting till garbage day. For most of us though, it’s usually a lack of organization. And sometimes motivation. Okay, for me it’s more motivation, but it’s cold outside and my garage doesn’t have a heater. Perhaps next spring.

Cowboy’s project included removal of carpet (yes, carpet), laying new floors that will not so easily absorb stains and dirt, LED lighting to brighten up work spaces, plumbing for the bathroom in the garage (why didn’t I ever think of that? Genius!), and new cabinets to keep things organized and out of sight when not in use.

In the thread, Cowboy claims that over 200 hours worth of work was put into the new parking bay for the Corvette (and a bike), but the results speak for themselves. You don’t have to be ashamed of what lies behind that garage door. It might take a little bit of effort, but the outcome is something for you and all of your friends to admire.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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