Your Corvette Is the Perfect Excuse to Enjoy Life

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2012 Inferno Orange Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport 4LT (1)

Owning a Corvette is a wonderful experience, but it’s not exactly cheap. Apart from fuel costs that come with a big V8, the brakes, tires, and other consumables of a Corvette all carry rather large price tags. Corvette Forum member dbirdhouse1 is getting close to retirement age, and after a slightly expensive trip to get some maintenance done, he questioned if he should keep his 2012 GS. Retirement pay will only go so far, and he’s been thinking about getting something more economical but fun, like a Miata or FR-S.

What happened next is why I love Corvette Forum. Rather than bust in yelling and throwing things for mentioning the word Miata, there has been a lot of positive feedback and aged wisdom. The thread is basically a borderline philosophical debate about life, happiness, and making the most of what time you have left.

If you ever needed a reminder of what makes owning a Corvette special, and what makes the feeling of that V8 in front of your feet feel so good, this thread with give you all you need.

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