Corvette Photo Kickoff: The Beauty of Simplicity

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This Week’s Photo Speaks to Why There’s Nothing Like a Classic Corvette

We’ve grabbed this photo to kick off your week because it’s a beautiful example of classic simplicity. Sometimes we need a bit more of the simple things in life, don’t we? But think about it: how many cars can rock a partial rump shot like this that can also invoke such emotion?

Three, four… five maybe? The point is, there simply aren’t that many cars in the world that have the allure of a classic Corvette, even if the visual only consists of a sliver of bodywork.

In fact, you could put this photo, pulled from the Facebook page of our own Manuel Carrillo III, up against any photo ad for one of today’s cars, and it’d hold its ground. And that’s not strictly because Manuel has a great photographic eye — which he does. It’s because of the great body lines that have been a part of the C2 Corvette’s appeal over the years.

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Take, for example, the simplicity of the line that gracefully moves right about the rear circular taillights, then slightly bulges as it works its way around the rear wheelwell.

And don’t get us started on the allure of that scripted Corvette badge, accented with the word “Sting Ray” underneath it.

Yep, even with all the artsy technology at our disposal in 2017, nothing quite stirs the senses like the beauty of a classic ‘Vette. The C2 shines bright in a world all to its own — regardless of the angle.

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