Corvette Proves Its Safety Again in Scary California Crash

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Even though this crash looks particularly nasty, the driver of this Corvette reportedly only received “non life-threatening injuries,” according to Corvette Blogger. Though the injuries were serious, it proves again that the Corvette is actually quite safe. The crash happened in the early morning, with a pickup truck colliding with the Corvette on highway 55 in Costa Mesa, California.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a Corvette holding up well in a crash. Back in April, one of our members in a C6 had an SUV pull into traffic in front of him. Both he and his passenger walked away from the accident without injury.

Both of those instances have one thing in common: the offending driver was in a larger truck or SUV. It almost makes you wonder if the Corvette’s one disadvantage is the fact it is low to the ground. We recently heard of another truck driverĀ not seeing a Corvette, and causing a crash. Is it a matter of coincidence, or is it actually difficult to see a low car like the Corvette?

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Via [Corvette Blogger]

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