Corvette Racing Snags Podium Finish At Sebring 2012

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The American Le Mans Series kicked off with a bang at Sebring last weekend, with the battle between Corvette and BMW already off to a rousing start. While the contest for the lead lasted most of the entire race, it was the last few minutes of the that yielded the most drama. Corvette Racing veteran, Jan Magnussen was in third at the start of the final lap, but passed into second after a dog fight between BMW and Ferrari put the prancing horse off track.

?I really don’t know what happened, but apparently the BMW and Ferrari got together,? Magnussen said. ?I didn’t even know that I had passed the Ferrari in the darkness. We were struggling at the end of the race with the track conditions, so second is a huge bonus and a fantastic foundation to build on.” BMW managed to secure the win this round, with Ferrari rounding out the podium in third place.

The series will return to the streets of Long Beach on April 24th for more hardcore racing. The cars are close, so the race should be exciting. 

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