Another Victory for the Stingray: Corvette Sales Rolling Over Foes

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If you thought the new Corvette was hot before, just wait until you get a load of these latest stats we came across.

For the year, the Stingray has outsold the Porsche 911, the Dodge Viper and the Nissan 370 Z and the numbers for two weren’t even close, according to a GM Authority report.

With sales of 17,744 units so far for 2014, the Corvette is beating the 911 by 12,575 units, the Nissan Z by 13,644 units and the Viper? Well, that thing wasn’t even in the running with a cut in production due to a lack of demand, which has amounted to only 354 Vipers being sold so far this year.

Overall, new Corvette sales were slightly down in June with only 2,723 convertible and coupe models sold, but Stingray sales were still up 219 percent over June 2013. Chevy is expected to sell 35,000 Corvettes by the end of the year, notes the report.

Source [GM Authority]

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