Who Wants their Corvette to Look Like a Chevy Malibu? Not Me

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Take a look at the current-gen Chevy Malibu above. Now envision its next iteration looking like the Corvette. That’s great for the Malibu, but what about Corvette?

I’m all for Chevy sprucing up their lineup with hotter designs all the way around, but not at the risk of making the Corvette less hot.

Sure, taking design cues from the rest of the fleet is part of the competitive nature of the business. But I’m starting to wonder if the news, as highlighted in a CarScoops.com story, that the Chevy lineup will be picking up more styling cues from the Corvette is really a good thing for the brand’s halo vehicle.

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Obviously, for anyone buying a four-door sedan, reports that the next Malibu will share some of the same lines as the C7 is enticing. I know I certainly wouldn’t mind cruising around in a four-door ride that has some of the same design elements as the Corvette.

Still, I have to wonder, after dishing out $60,000 or more for a C7, do you really want to pull up to a light and see a $23,000 sedan that looks like your sports car? Eww.

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via [CarScoops.com]

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