Corvette Speakers to Fit your Budget

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When it’s time to outfit your Corvette with the stuff it needs to produce quality sound, there are a lot of options to choose from in terms of Corvette speakers of all kinds of sizes, specs, and brands. Specialized kinds of speakers fit your factory specifications and many of these can be found on the sites of aftermarket merchants online. Getting the right Corvette speakers is important; after all, it’s no use zipping around in this high-design fast car without the ability to crank up the tunes. But lots of Corvette drivers need to buy according to a specific price range, since they’ve already shelled out for the car itself, plus sales tax, insurance and maintenance costs.

Corvette Speakers: $100-$200 Range
For under $200, Corvette drivers can get a pair of simple front speakers to bring some basic sound into play or replace worn or damaged units. A pair of 6? units from a maker like ACDelco will run about $150. A front speaker set from manufacturers like Bose will be a little more toward the top of this price range. Many of these choices will come with the wattage that was standard on the units that you got from the factory if you were the first owner. Simple ?one way? speakers are a basic choice for making sure you can hear what comes out of your stereo system, but they won’t really produce a lot of the extreme ends of the register.
Corvette Speakers: $200-$400 Range
For this price range, you can look for a set of ?woofers? for your Corvette. These brawny bass-producing units can give your ride that ?thumping? sound that wows gearheads and annoys neighbors. Some quality brands offer bass speaker in this general price category, with the ability to crank out some lower end sound. Some of these models come with amps offering up to 400 watts or more. That can give your Corvette a lot of added rumble when you hit ?play? on your dashboard CD player.
For more money, you can get custom Bose or other high-end ?Vette speaker packages that will give you all of what you could ask for in an audio experience. One popular kind of installation is ?three way? speakers, where various cones nestled in a single unit give you bass, treble, and midrange. These can make installation easier, as long as they fit into your factory space. That’s why it’s so important to look for specific Corvette speaker sets, to avoid some seriously frustrating installs. Drivers can also look for ‘speaker boxes,? usually including large woofer speakers, that fit into the trunk for rear sound that doesn’t have to be integrated into side panels or other tight spaces.
The specific sale prices of your Corvette speaker sets will vary a bit based on the distributor, but with a little knowledge about what’s comparable to your factory set, you can get a good replacement speaker for your sound system on a budget.

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