Who Likes the Corvette Stingray Fender Badge?

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To Fish or Not to Fish? That Is the Question Posed by One Fender Badge-Wary Corvette Forum Member

It’s time have another friendly discussion that will in no way turn into a yelling match about personal Corvette customization choices. Hopefully. Please.

Kent1999 posted a question up in the C7 forum asking about everyone’s thoughts on the Stingray fender badges. Kent swapped his chrome badges for black ones, and wanted to know everyone else’s fishing plan. The responses were a lot more varied than any of us expected, ranging from stock, to modified, to classic emblems, to clean and badge-free cars. Of course, there are plenty of pictures to back up all the claims as well.

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But now for the real question: what does everyone else here think? There are thousands of you that might not have been digging into the C7 forums to even see this post. So in traditional Corvette Forum fashion, we have whipped up a fancy front page poll to get some hard numbers.

Do you like chrome, black, something more custom, or are you a badge-free kinda person? Click your choice and let the world know. Then maybe hop into the thread to share some more in-depth thoughts on the subject. Or maybe just share pictures of your car, if you think it fits the topic. We never mind getting to see a few more amazing Corvette photos!

How Bout Dem Fender Fish?!

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