Corvette Supercharger Kits to Fit Your Budget

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A Corvette supercharger functions in
much the same way that a standard vehicle supercharger does; it works to
increase the power of the vehicle. The means that the Corvette
superchargers have to do this are by increasing the overall airflow to
the internal combustion system on the car. This in turn allows for more
fuel to be processed and burned at once, which increases the overall
power capabilities of the engine itself. There are a huge number of
different supercharger kits available, made by a number of different
manufacturers and brands and set at a wide variety in price to meet
every budget. Read on for some of the specs and a breakdown of the best
Corvette superchargers to fit your budget.

Under $1000

The least expensive Corvette superchargers will be somewhere under
$1000 each. This includes only the parts and doesn’t typically also
include the cost of installing the system, which can add several hundred
dollars or even more to the total cost of the project. Therefore, no
matter which supercharger you purchase, it will be an expensive
endeavor. Of the low price superchargers, the best are generally
considered to be those by Lingenfelter. While Lingenfelter produces a
variety of more expensive superchargers as well, the lowest price
superchargers by this manufacturer still provide a quality boost in the
overall power of your engine and the performance of your vehicle.


In the range from $1000 to $3500, you’ll find a good selection of
decent superchargers. These include those by jet technologies, which
produces a range of medium level superchargers capable of a steady
increase in power and a reliable functioning. These superchargers are
not known for their extreme longevity, but they will generally work
consistently and properly for the duration of their lifetimes.

Another good supercharger in this price range is the ProCharger C4
system. This tends to be priced right around $3500 and features a wide
array of benefits over the cheaper models on this list, including
enhanced power and fuel efficiency.

Above $3500

When you go above $3500 for your supercharger you find that the
systems themselves begin to get very good. Manufacturers like Magnus and
Vortech produce top of the line superchargers that are not only
powerful and capable of providing horsepower boosts to your car in the
dozens or even hundreds, but which are also stylish and will enhance the
outward appearance of your vehicle as well. Many of these different
types of Corvette Supercharger kits range well above $5000 in price.

The general consensus among mechanics is that, if you plan to spend
money on a supercharger for your Corvette, you should spend as much
money as is necessary to get a good quality supercharger kit. Ask your
mechanic for additional advice specific to your individual car, but you
should generally budget around $5000 at least for the cost of buying and
installing a new supercharger on your Corvette.

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