Corvette Tire Guide: Different Brands/Manufacturers

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tire.jpgSelecting the appropriate Corvette tires will not only influence how your vehicle looks, but it will also make a major impact on the performance of your Corvette as well. The tires are amongst the most important components of any vehicle, and it’s crucial that you keep them maintained properly.

This means that it’s generally a good idea to invest a bit more in tires, wheels and rims that are the proper size and have the best specs for your car. Fortunately, there are a number of different manufacturers and brands from which to choose, so you’ll be able to find a wide array of different tires that will suit your needs. Read on for a brief overview of some of the best types of tires that are available at this point.


Goodyear tires have several different things to recommend them over other tires. The least expensive types of Goodyear tires, the Goodyear F1 Supercar line of tires, are generally about $50 less per tire than each of the other leading brands’ lowest level tires. They still get great performance, although the durability and longevity of these tires is usually somewhat compromised. Another benefit that Goodyear tires have over other types of tires is that they come with a spectacular warranty agreement. Most other tires will not be able to match the warranty promise that Goodyear gives on all of its tires, so this is a great reason to invest in these tires for the long term.


Michelin tires have a reputation for being strong and durable. The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus is a fantastic line of tire that is not going to break your budget either. These tires are usually available for about $250 a piece, and the longevity and peace of mind that you’ll get from them makes them well worth the extra cost. Michelin makes great tires in terms of performance, as well, and the tires along this manufacturer’s line are available in a wide variety of sizes, from about 16 inches up through 18 or even 19 inches in some cases.


Firestone tires are specially made for supercars like the Corvette. These tires are extremely high performance, and a model like the Firestone Firehawk SZ50 EP RFT is a wonderfully designed tire for the Corvette. These tires feature a combination of sleek elegance in appearance and incredible handling and range. They are designed for drivers who like to take their Corvettes at high speeds. The tires are correspondingly high in price, although the value for many is worth the extra $100 or so.

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