What Can You Say About this Corvette Towing a Helicopter?

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Corvette Towing a Helicopter

Here’s something you don’t see quite often: a vintage Corvette towing a helicopter. On second thought, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that’s something you never see.

The fact that the ‘Vette and the helicopter are both silver makes the photo, posted on Reddit, even more bizarre. However, as I sat staring at the pic trying to find something clever to say, I realized that a lot of the 1,500-plus comments about the photo had already beat me to the punch.

Below are 10 that I found most intriguing, in no particular order.

Accidentalboredom – He really likes silver.

gogopowerrangerninja – Are we entirely sure he isn’t Bond?

mar10wright – It seems like it wouldn’t be the best idea to pull a load like that with a classic Corvette, but I’m no trucker.

mike413 – I was thinking, he divorced TODAY and was driving to his girlfriend’s house.

slade14 – In reality, he’s just the guy driving it all to a film shoot.

Veeka – Anything towing a small heli is freaking awesome.

MisfitSkull – I’m quite sure that is James Bond.

SolidGold54  – I want this guy and that chrome motorcycle/silver suit dude (someone linked the other day) to form a dynamic team that fights crime.

indwelling fire – This guy is straight out of an Old Spice commercial.

Mr_Munchies – I bet he’s either never been married, or he’s divorced and had a great lawyer.

There you have it with what the folks on Reddit are saying. I have a feeling, though, that Corvette Forum people could come up with even more compelling commentary.

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