Corvette Used to Lift Spirits of Woman With Alzheimer’s

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It’s clear that the power of the C7 Corvette isn’t simply limited to those coveted output numbers.

Take, for example, this story about how a silver 2014 Corvette was used to lift the spirits of Joan Jones, a 79-year-old woman in Virden, Illinois who suffers from Alzheimer’s, as highlighted in a report by The State Journal-Register.

As the story goes, Jones first started taking notice of the Corvette when her daughter, Brenda Samonds, started taking her for drives, passing a dealership where the Corvette was parked. But it wasn’t until Brenda stopped and talked to a salesman at the dealership, Bryan LaMarr, that the wheels for lifting her mother’s spirits were put in motion.

“She asked me if it would be possible… if she went and got her mother, and we could help her get in and out, could she take her mom for a short ride?” LaMarr told The State Journal-Register.

The salesman immediately thought about his own father, who suffered from dementia late in life. So LaMarr asked his manager if it was okay for Samonds to take her mother for a ride in the Corvette.

So off they went. The ride only lasted about a half-hour. But every time the Corvette engine revved, Samonds says her mother would smile.

“We live for the moment,” said Samonds. “She normally doesn’t remember from one moment to the next. But this had an impact.”

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Via [The State Journal-Register]

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