1966 Corvette vs 2015 Camry: Edmunds Goes Old vs New

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An old supercar or sportscar usually just isn’t that fast when compared to a modern normal car. Often, the supercar or sportscar in question will be an old Ferrari or Lamborghini. And the normal car used for comparison is just some form of econobox sedan. With that in mind, Edmunds wanted to see if such a time-tested tale would prove true with an American classic. Therefore, they took a 1966 Corvette Stingray and a 2015 Toyota Camry, and pitted them squarely up against each other on the track.

The two cars are almost antithetical to one another. The Corvette is a classic muscle car that you’d still love to drive today, while the Camry is just that: a Camry. A car I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies. Scratch that, I’d wish it on my worst enemies; it’s that bad.

But the question remains, which is faster? Honestly though, does that even matter? Of course the more modern car will be faster than a car from the ’60s. Technology, horsepower, and other things evolve over time, to get better and better. We constantly make cars faster than the previous generations. However, given the choice between a 1966 Corvette and a brand new Camry with Bluetooth, heated seats, just as much horsepower, and no need to constantly tune the carbs, everyone will still pick the Corvette. It’s that simple.

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via [Edmunds.com]

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