Corvette of the Week: AllFlash’s DSOM C7 Z06

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Corvette Forum Member AllFlash’s Z06 Just Made Us Fall in Love With Daytona Sunset Orange Metallic

We’re usually skeptical of bright-colored Corvettes, preferring a more subdued and sinister black, or a simple and understated silver. However, DSOM — Daytona Sunset Orange Metallic — is different. It’s one of those bright and in-your-face colors that just works on the widebody Z06. It’s an over-the-top color for an over-the-top car, a match perfectly made in heaven, and then crafted into existence by the good folks in Bowling Green, Kentucky. But maybe, as far as Corvette fanatics are concerned, Bowling Green and heaven are one and the same?

Corvette Forum user AllFlash provides us with our latest heavenly DSOM example. He posted a quick project thread a while back, in which he installed a set of Corsa Helix X-pipes. At first he was just inquiring whether it would be possible to DIY the job on his garage floor, with a floor jack and a few jack stands.

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By the 17th post on the thread, though, AllFlash was already under the car. Three and a half hours later, the project was done. Here’s what he had to say about the simplicity of it:

Just over an hour once the vehicle is supported and the trusty airtools are givin her. Very simple install especially since the base plate has a hole that works as a hangar and the plate doesn’t fall on you; just leave a bolt in the center in on either slide and slide the plate forward and off.

Not only does AllFlash have a gorgeous Corvette Z06 in his garage, he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty to make it faster and sound better. Give him a set of air tools and an X-pipe, he’ll have the job done in two shakes. Does it get better than that? Not as far as this edition of Corvette of the Week goes!

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