Corvette of the Week: This C7 Actually Has a Decent-Looking Front License Plate

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We’ve handed out the coveted Corvette of the Week award to worthy cars for all sorts of good reasons, but this is a first. Today, Corvette Forum member jcthorne’s 2015 Corvette Z06 is walking away with the COTW honor for being the first Corvette with a decent-looking front plate.

Of course, it certainly helps to have a clever vanity plate that perfectly matches that gorgeous Laguna Blue. Honestly, RLY FST has to be one of the best I’ve seen.

But the plate wasn’t put on for aesthetic purposes, even though it’s working as such. According to jcthorne, Texas has been cracking down on folks who don’t have front plates.

“I installed a low mount front plat on my Z after getting 2 warnings with the second officer letting me know it was my second and final. In the end I do not think it looks all that bad. Its fine,” said jcthorne in a recent thread titled, “TX State Troopers on a roll“.

All that bad? It looks better than that, it looks darn-right… decent. Well, if you have to, you might as well make the most of it, eh?

With such a hot ride to gawk at, and only one picture in the thread to satisfy my covetous eyes, I did a little cyber stalking to see if jcthorne had posted up a few more pretty pics of his bold ride. And to my great joy (and presumably the rest of the community’s) ┬áit turns out he’s a fairly prolific photo poster, as you can see below. With a model as scrumptious as this Corvette of the Week, you can certainly understand why.

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